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Arcweave Raises Seed Funding to Build Next Generation ΑΙ-Powered Narrative Engine for Game Creators


Narrative design platform Arcweave announces $850,000 investment led by Galaxy Interactive with participation from Genesis Ventures to power advanced AI story & dialogue generation, game engine integrations, and expand its enterprise offering for writers, designers and developers in interactive media. This funding follows the Epic Games Mega Grant award in the Tools category. 

Arcweave’s team, sharing a passion for game development, is embarking on a quest to transform one of the most abstract and complex processes of the human mind, story creation. Stories are deeply ingrained in the human experience: from interactive narratives in video games, scripts for movies, to immersive virtual reality experiences, creators have a wide range of tools at their disposal to craft rich and engaging stories. At the same time they are faced with the challenge of structuring myriads of character choices and organizing vast amounts of digital content while rapidly iterating. 

Enter Arcweave.

“This partnership with Arcweave aligns perfectly with our commitment to supporting cutting-edge technology in the interactive experience sector. We look forward to witnessing how Arcweave will spearhead the future of interactive storytelling."

—Jeff Brown, Partner at Galaxy Interactive

The company’s mission is to offer an unprecedented user experience, combining powerful capabilities in design, prototyping, and exporting with a simple visual, low-code interface for both technical and non-technical users. Arcweave, seamlessly ingrained into the user’s workflow and studio’s pipelines, is the fastest and most comprehensive way to collaboratively prototype an immersive narrative. The platform supports a rapidly growing user base of 15,000+ game developers working with a wide range of largest studios and design centers worldwide. 

With this investment, the company is reinforcing its core design values: user friendliness, performance and real-time collaboration. It is also expanding its seamless game engine integration of Unity and Godot with Unreal Engine and adding enterprise-ready features to its product offering. The real-time integration with game engines, will allow teams to sync their game anytime with all content and logic generated in Arcweave. 


Arcweave seamlessly communicates with the Unreal Engine Editor, allowing for rapid testing and iterating within a user-friendly, low-code environment.

Moreover, Arcweave will organically incorporate AI co-pilot functionality that uses the project’s lore to automatically generate consistent story and media content, believable characters and realistic conversations with multiple paths and outcomes based on player choices. Arcweave’s co-pilot integrates with different LLMs for dialog generation, LDMs for scenes and cover art, as well as virtual speech generation, allowing teams to prototype & collaborate on different versions of the game instantly.


Arcweave’s AI co-pilot will allow writers and developers to create, test and iterate dialogue, art and voice all the way from concept to production.

Game development teams are struggling to align their vision for the game while creating large amounts of content. Writers, developers, designers and producers are often caught in a broken feedback loop due to lack of real-time testing and collaboration. This lack of coordination can lead to a 10x increase in development time, driving up production costs. Arcweave’s collaborative, low-code environment allows teams to create stories in a visual UI, making it an essential tool for efficient and cost-effective game development.

The AI co-pilot is designed for teams to harness the full potential of AI in a collaborative, structured and safe manner. By generating text, audio and visual assets on the fly, production bottlenecks can be alleviated and game creation becomes more efficient, enabling quicker delivery of games and the development of richer, more immersive worlds and narratives. Our vision is to convert the creators' unique concepts them into comprehensive structures of characters, dialogue branches, quests and even complete playable experiences.

“We are redefining the way humans design and publish interactive experiences. Interactive narrative has traditionally been a challenging design process—and we are here to empower creators with a platform that can guide them through their first steps up to the publishing of their project. Galaxy Interactive, known for its impact in the interactive content and technology sectors, values the role Arcweave can play in the gaming industry and beyond.”

—Manos Kalaitzoglou, co-founder and CEO of Arcweave


About Arcweave, Inc.

Arcweave is a cross-device, no-code, collaborative solution designed for distributed organizations creating interactive experiences. Arcweave’s mission is to lower the barrier between creativity and implementation in the gaming, mixed reality and interactive narrative sectors.  


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About Galaxy Interactive

Since its inception in 2018, Galaxy Interactive has been one of the most active venture investors in the interactive media and technology sectors. It is the only early-stage venture fund investing in full stack in gaming, media, deep tech, web3 technologies, and the underlying infrastructure and marketplaces powering our digital identities.



About Genesis Ventures

Genesis Ventures is an angel co-investment fund providing pre-seed/seed capital and hands-on support to early-stage founders. The fund is backed by the European Investment Fund and leading angel investors; previous successful founders, family offices, and industry veterans.