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Arcweave introduces workspaces

More power and flexibility for all users

Image with title "Introducing Workspaces" and screenshot of Arcweave's new workspaces environment featuring a list of collaborators.

You‘ve been asking for more flexibility in team management, as well as a pricing model adapted to your needs. We heard you! So, we’ve introduced workspaces!

Arcweave workspaces offer you easier and more versatile ways to collaborate, organise content, and demonstrate your work. Moreover, they provide a seat-based pricing model that will accommodate teams and be adored by our solo users.

Let's see what workspaces are and how you can make the most out of them, depending on your team size and current Arcweave account.

What they are

Workspaces are collaborative spaces that let you and your team manage and share projects with ease and privacy.

You can have multiple workspaces, each with a different team of collaborators—or Members.


Workspaces bring a radical restructuring of the Arcweave experience. Let’s break down this new mega-feature’s improvements, one by one:

Invite once, collaborate everywhere

Until now, in order to collaborate, you had to invite users on a project-by-project basis. Teams with multiple collaborators and projects soon found this cumbersome.

Workspaces boost collaboration, allowing teams to invite users and easily create, manage, and share projects among all their members. By default, a workspace member can access all its projects. Depending on their role, a member can create, edit, comment on, or just view and play the workspace's projects.

Moreover, team management gets easier than ever, with workspace Owners managing Members, roles, settings, billing details, and API keys.

Or, if you still want to invite people on a project-by-project basis, you can make them Guest Editors or Guest Viewers for specific projects.

Arcweave accounts and workspaces

Up to now, we had Basic, Pro, and Team accounts.

From now on, we have Basic, Pro, and Team workspaces. This allows more control and flexibility: you can run multiple workspaces, paid or free, and better organise your teams and customers in each one accordingly.

Your workspaces are independent from each other, each having its own sections for projects, members, settings, billing, and API keys.

Seat-based model

One of the differences between Pro and Team accounts was the number of collaborators they offered. Basic accounts also had a limited number of allowed collaborators.


Now, all 3 workspace plans offer the ability to add collaborators, both on a workspace and on a project-by-project scale.

You want more seats? You just add them! In Basic workspaces, you can add members for free! In Pro and Team workspaces, you get charged for every member you add.

Basic accounts open to advanced workspace features

As Basic accounts transform to Basic workspaces, their familiar 200-item limit per project still applies. Moreover, there will be a limit of 3 projects per Basic workspace.

Nevertheless, Basic workspaces come with their own powers. First, there is no limit on how many Basic workspaces you can create.

More importantly, though, Basic workspaces now enjoy unlimited number of collaborators... for free. That's right!

You can add unlimited Members to your Basic workspace for free!

So... workspaces. What now?

Your account has now migrated to its first workspace. What does this mean?

You are the Owner

First of all, you are now the Owner of a workspace. It's up to you whether you want to work on your own or bring collaborators along.

Accessing the People section of your workspace, you can invite other users and assign them the roles of Owner, Editor, or Viewer.

Team workspaces also offer the option of creating custom roles that combine any from a list of available permissions.

Guest Editors and Viewers

What happens to all your previous collaborators, though?

Your projects' Editors become Guests Editors in your workspace. This means they continue being able to edit the projects they were invited to, while having neither viewing nor editing permissions for the rest of the workspace—this is the difference between Guests and Members.

The same thing happens to your projects' Viewers: they are now Guest Viewers, only able to view, play, and comment on the projects they were initially invited to.

A note on Guests:

  • for Pro and Team workspaces, billing-wise, a Guest Editor counts as one seat;
  • for Basic workspaces, Guest Editors are added for free, just like Members;
  • Guest Viewers are added for free for all 3 workspace plans.

You can see your Guests in the People section, under Guests.

Adding billable seats

Up to now, Pro accounts had a strict 3-editor limit, while Team account owners had to prepay for additional editors before inviting people to collaborate on projects.

Now, billing of seats offers flexibility and ease: all 3 kinds of workspaces can invite unlimited members, without prepaying. Upon inviting, the extra seat gets automatically added to the workspace's Billing section.

As we've already mentioned, Basic workspaces don't get charged for their Members.

Team workspaces

The Team is the most powerful kind of workspace, offering 2 important features:

  • custom roles—on top of the default roles of Owner, Editor, and Viewer, a Team workspace lets you create and assign custom roles to your members. Just name your new role and flick its permissions on or off, according to your team's needs.
  • web API—Team workspaces offer the use of Arcweave's web API access. You can manage all your tokens in the API section of your Team workspace.

How billing changes for existing customers

Existing customers discount

You a Pro or Team account Owner? We will help you transition smoothly to your new workspace and its billing.

If your billing increases because of these changes, we will apply a 6-month discount coupon to your workspace, ensuring that your billing remains the same as before June 8th.

Example 1: Pro Monthly + Viewers

Sam is currently an owner of a Pro Monthly account, paying $25/month. They have 1 project with 1 additional viewer and another project with 2 additional viewers.

Their current plan is billed as:

Pro Monthly account Owner $25/month
TOTAL $25/month

In their new migrated Pro Monthly workspace, their viewers will become Guest Viewers (a non-billable workspace role). Therefore, their workspace will be billed as follows:

Pro Monthly workspace Owner $18/month
3 Guest Viewers $0/month
TOTAL $18/month

Example 2: Pro Yearly + Editors

Miriam is currently an owner of a Pro Yearly account, paying  $240/year. She has 1 project with 1 additional editor.

Pro Yearly account Owner $240/year
TOTAL $240/year

In her new migrated Pro Yearly workspace, her editor will become Guest Editor (billed as one workspace seat), so she will be paying:

Pro Yearly workspace Owner $180/year
1 Guest Editor $180/year
TOTAL $360/year

Example 3: Team Monthly + Editors

Fernando is currently a Team Monthly account owner, getting billed at $75/month. Moreover, he has 3 additional editors in one project.

Team Monthly account Owner $75/month
TOTAL $75/month

In his new migrated Team Monthly workspace, the 3 editors will become Guest Editors (billable), therefore, the billing will go as follows:

Team Monthly workspace Owner $30/month
3 Guest Editors ($30/month each) $90/month
TOTAL $120/month

To avoid unnecessary charges, visit the People section of your workspace and make sure all of your Guest Editors are to remain as such. You can change their project role to Viewer or completely remove them, if they are not active.

Workspaces are a big step in our effort to shape Arcweave into an even more powerful collaborative experience. We are doing our best to document this change in detail. Stay put for updates in our Documentations.

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us!